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Service Dogs

What is a service dog?

Service dogs are animals trained to assist a person with a disability, physical or mental. They live 24 hours with people who need them and perform specific tasks work.

Josue servicio

Can I use my own dog?

Josue servicio Not all dogs can become service dogs. Service dogs to have certain traits to be able to work in public on a daily basis with theirs handler. They have to have a great temperament, they cannot show any aggression and they have the ability to do the task work that their handler needs to help with their disability. Only about 10% of the dogs we test for service dog work, actually pass the testing and complete the work to become a service dog.

For dogs 12 months and older, 3 to 4 weeks timeframe average board and training program

    Josue servicio
  • Lose leash walking
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Off leash command (come)
  • Place
  • Off leash: Release, free, go, etc.
  • Runaway (wait until command to enter or exit door and others)
  • Good behavior in the vehicle
  • House breaking
  • Training collar included (not e-collar)
  • Doggie bed (cot) and leg cap included (no matter the size)
  • Work on problem behavior such as: mouthiness, digging, excessive barking, jumping
  • Work on real world (mall, restaurants, etc.) dog with trainer
  • Work on real world (mall, restaurants, etc.) dog with trainer and the handler
  • Canine Good Citizen test (CGC)
  • Family Dog K9 Service Dog Certification
  • Family Dog K9 Service Dog Patch
  • Two (2) handling lessons (one handling at pick up and one handling in two weeks).
  • Free refresher training (with paid daily boarding) (coming soon)
  • Future discount on boarding rates (coming soon)
  • Future training discounts
  • Three month access to our group classes (coming soon)
  • Continued phone support on any training issues
Josue servicio