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Select your Breed

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We offer orientation about the fitting breed according to the purpose, time and space you have available.



select breed 2At the time of choosing which breed is right for you, take in consideration the following:

  • Pet and company, pet and protection
  • Male or female
  • Low or high maintenance
  • Long or short hair
  • Apartment, house or farm
  • Time available
  • Small, medium or large breed

select breed 3

Characteristics of a suitable place to buy a dog.

  • Experience
  • References
  • Guarantees offered
  • Available to see the pup’s parents



The esthetic, conduct and attitude traits are hereditary. Therefore, is very important to make sure that the pup's parents are being used for the desired purpose.

 seloect breed 4

Evaluating the main characteristics of a good dog for pet and/or protection.

  • Social attraction
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Sound sensitivity
  • And more