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Do I need a protection dog?

Written by Josué Colón. Posted in Blog Ingles

Eros family      We want to live the rest of our lives without ever being victims of a violent crime. Unfortunately the reality is far from this wish. Calm suburbs, controlled access, apartments, our business, work or Office. In the House, at a stoplight, parking lot or entering or exiting the car. In any place or time we are exposed to be victims of a violent crime. Violent crime does not recognize social, economic or racial boundaries. It exists everywhere, even in “safe” communities.

      Few people have a way to defend themselves against a violent attack as a robbery. Many of the victims go unnoticed. They are not reported in the news, televised or written because, for the press, it is not a major incident. On the other hand, for the victim, in his/her privacy, it is of great importance and can mark their life in a traumatic way. Eros attack

     How we respond to this reality? How to protect our family? How do we live our lives without fear and confront this reality? How do I feel confident, safe and secure in case of an event of this nature?

     The answer is with an exclusive partner of FDK9. Highly trained and dedicated to the protection of your family. A dog that is, above all, an incredible loving, kind, and dedicated family partner. A companion that will respond immediately, regardless of distractions. A dog that has the capacity and the advanced skills to protect and defend you and the ones you love, if the situation occurs. Our dogs are prepared to make of our desire to feel safe, a reality.