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Correction collars vs household methods

Written by Josué Colón. Posted in Blog Ingles


 vs 573x533      Training collars are designed to replace the natural way of correcting a dog like the mother of the puppy or the leader of the Pack would to set the rules and the domain. There is a wide variety of training collars, for small and delicate dogs, to the stronger and more aggressive guard dogs. The most sophisticated detect behaviors automatically. Using the correct training collar the proper way collar, we modify the dog’s behavior in a safe, measured and effective way.

        To make it effective, the correction has to be applied correctly and at the right moment. Learning how to use the correction collar will make our work easier, when training our dog, without creating any type of submission, hurting, or creating trauma; as “household” methods would. Scolding the dog, hitting it with a newspaper, shoe, broom or rubbing its nose on its urine is abuse. It does not help you resolve or establish any conduct.

        When selecting the collar for your dog, you should consult with a professional dog trainer, who can assess the specific needs of your dog.