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Nobody touches my dog

Written by Josue Colón. Posted in Blog Ingles



          There have been many occasions when we have heard this phrase from people who, under the belief that for a dog to be aggressive (good guardian), it must be raised isolated, because to be friendly with others will kill it’s aggression. NOTHING FURTHER FROM REALITY.   That people outside the family touch or stroke a puppy does not affect its character. As we mentioned many times, a dog's temperament is hereditary.

     The socialization process must be conducted from six weeks old up to at least five months of age. Socialization means to take the dog outside their environment and expose it to unknown environments and offer distractions and, very important, physical contact with people outside his family, especially with children. Socialization is for all types of dogs, from a pet to a service dog.

     It is vital in the development of a protection dog. It helps us to promote social attraction, safety and confidence. It avoids the unstable aggression due to fear. As a result, the dog will have a stable temperament, and real aggression on which we will rely in a time of threat to our person, family or property.