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Not all are the same

Written by Super User. Posted in Blog Ingles

 blog not all are the same

           Many people think that all dogs of the same breed, as for example, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Belgian Malinois, among others, are the same; nothing is further from reality. Not all are equal; as fighting cocks and paso fino horses, a dog's protection skills need to be developed: social attraction, sensitivity to sound, sensitivity to touch, acceptance degree of social domain, willingness to work, degree of intelligence, etc.; to achieve the desired purpose. As we have explained on many occasions, the aptitudes of a dog are inherited, as well as the esthetic features. When making a cross between a male and a female, we have to evaluate the skills of one and the other. They should be given training in order to determine their way of “personality”, and their purpose, the aptitudes that we will find in the puppies, and to determine what purpose these dogs will have. Using our D'Rojo dogs, you are going for a sure thing. Our line has specific characteristics, by which we can offer the guarantee of character that others do not have.