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Do I need a protection dog?

Written by Josué Colón. Posted in Blog Ingles

Eros family      We want to live the rest of our lives without ever being victims of a violent crime. Unfortunately the reality is far from this wish. Calm suburbs, controlled access, apartments, our business, work or Office. In the House, at a stoplight, parking lot or entering or exiting the car. In any place or time we are exposed to be victims of a violent crime. Violent crime does not recognize social, economic or racial boundaries. It exists everywhere, even in “safe” communities.

      Few people have a way to defend themselves against a violent attack as a robbery. Many of the victims go unnoticed. They are not reported in the news, televised or written because, for the press, it is not a major incident. On the other hand, for the victim, in his/her privacy, it is of great importance and can mark their life in a traumatic way. Eros attack

     How we respond to this reality? How to protect our family? How do we live our lives without fear and confront this reality? How do I feel confident, safe and secure in case of an event of this nature?

     The answer is with an exclusive partner of FDK9. Highly trained and dedicated to the protection of your family. A dog that is, above all, an incredible loving, kind, and dedicated family partner. A companion that will respond immediately, regardless of distractions. A dog that has the capacity and the advanced skills to protect and defend you and the ones you love, if the situation occurs. Our dogs are prepared to make of our desire to feel safe, a reality.

Correction collars vs household methods

Written by Josué Colón. Posted in Blog Ingles


 vs 573x533      Training collars are designed to replace the natural way of correcting a dog like the mother of the puppy or the leader of the Pack would to set the rules and the domain. There is a wide variety of training collars, for small and delicate dogs, to the stronger and more aggressive guard dogs. The most sophisticated detect behaviors automatically. Using the correct training collar the proper way collar, we modify the dog’s behavior in a safe, measured and effective way.

        To make it effective, the correction has to be applied correctly and at the right moment. Learning how to use the correction collar will make our work easier, when training our dog, without creating any type of submission, hurting, or creating trauma; as “household” methods would. Scolding the dog, hitting it with a newspaper, shoe, broom or rubbing its nose on its urine is abuse. It does not help you resolve or establish any conduct.

        When selecting the collar for your dog, you should consult with a professional dog trainer, who can assess the specific needs of your dog.

Not all are the same

Written by Super User. Posted in Blog Ingles

 blog not all are the same

           Many people think that all dogs of the same breed, as for example, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Belgian Malinois, among others, are the same; nothing is further from reality. Not all are equal; as fighting cocks and paso fino horses, a dog's protection skills need to be developed: social attraction, sensitivity to sound, sensitivity to touch, acceptance degree of social domain, willingness to work, degree of intelligence, etc.; to achieve the desired purpose. As we have explained on many occasions, the aptitudes of a dog are inherited, as well as the esthetic features. When making a cross between a male and a female, we have to evaluate the skills of one and the other. They should be given training in order to determine their way of “personality”, and their purpose, the aptitudes that we will find in the puppies, and to determine what purpose these dogs will have. Using our D'Rojo dogs, you are going for a sure thing. Our line has specific characteristics, by which we can offer the guarantee of character that others do not have.

Nobody touches my dog

Written by Josue Colón. Posted in Blog Ingles



          There have been many occasions when we have heard this phrase from people who, under the belief that for a dog to be aggressive (good guardian), it must be raised isolated, because to be friendly with others will kill it’s aggression. NOTHING FURTHER FROM REALITY.   That people outside the family touch or stroke a puppy does not affect its character. As we mentioned many times, a dog's temperament is hereditary.

     The socialization process must be conducted from six weeks old up to at least five months of age. Socialization means to take the dog outside their environment and expose it to unknown environments and offer distractions and, very important, physical contact with people outside his family, especially with children. Socialization is for all types of dogs, from a pet to a service dog.

     It is vital in the development of a protection dog. It helps us to promote social attraction, safety and confidence. It avoids the unstable aggression due to fear. As a result, the dog will have a stable temperament, and real aggression on which we will rely in a time of threat to our person, family or property.