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Family Protection Dogs

DPS Lic. # Y07352701
(Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Board)

Only 1% of the dogs can be considered a real protection dog. Over the years, the working skills and characteristics of many breeds have been lost, due to improper breeding. This has happen, in most of the time, for lack of knowledge or seeking aesthetic characteristics instead of temperament.

What is a real family protection dog?

It is a highly trained and highly qualified family bodyguard. They are friendly and sociable, intelligent and wonderful for the family. Dogs are ready to stand between a bullet and any of your family members in a blink of an eye. Fortunately the majority of situations do not require such a sacrifice, because a real protection dog serves as an intimidating factor against an attacker. Fun and completely predictable around you and your family, these dogs become fearsome warriors in a fraction of a second to your command.

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Things you need to consider when choosing a family protection dog:

  • What breed is appropriate?

  • Who lives in the home, adults and children?

  • What other animals are there in the house?

  • What other people living in the House?

  • What other people come into your House, gardeners, maintenance?

  • You use your dog for running or jogging with you?

  • Do you want other people to handle your dog?

  • How do you want your dog to react when someone approaches your property?

  • How you want your dog to act when someone enters your property without permission?

  • Do you want your dog to be trained to keep your car safe against a "car jacking", theft, etc.?

  • Are there specific threats concerning you, your business or situation?

  • Do you want your dog to perform a search of suspects in your home, patio or business before you enter?

  • Is it important to you that your dog be able to take on one or more violent attackers?

  • What is your idea of an ideal protection dog?

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The preferred security system for families worldwide. Protect your home with a dog trained while you travel, work, rest, etc..

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Basic Program:

Age: 10 months and older

  • Alert or watch command
  • Defense on command
  • Provocation defense
  • Release command
  • Muzzle work
  • Protection of the perimeter
  • Future training discounts

Pochy con_IsabellePochy ataque

Elite Program:

Age 10 months and older

  • Alert or watch
  • Defense command
  • Provocation defense
  • Release command
  • Muzzle work
  • Protection of the perimeter
  • Long distance attack
  • Stop attack
  • Attack on hidden people
  • Defense under gun fire
  • Long distance attack with obstacles
  • Attack in closed space
  • Attack in vehicle
  • Night work training (2 lessons)
  • Long distance defense of the handler
  • Poison refusal (Don’t accept food from strangers)
  • Work in the real word (2 lessons)
  • Future training discount

Additional exercises:

  • Multiple attack
  • Night work training
  • Search of suspects
  • Stop attack
  • Arrest / Escort
  • Defense under gun fire
  • Poison refusal (don’t accept food from strangers)
  • Guard back defense of the handler
  • Attack in vehicle
  • Others



Frequently asked questions about family protection dogs:

  • How long does protection training take?
    • Four to five months, depending on the amount of exercises that you want.
  • How long is a class?
    • Twenty to thirty minutes.
  • What are the best breeds for protection?
    • German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

  • Can other breeds be used as a family protection dog?
    • Yes, provided they have the aptitudes necessary for a family protection dog.

  • Can I receive guests with a protection dog in my house?
    • Yes, with a well trained dog and taking appropriate measures which are the responsibilities of every protection dog owner.

  • Can I go to the beach or elsewhere with a protection dog?
    • Yes, with a correctly trained dog and taking appropriate measures which are the responsibilities of every protection dog owner.

  • Can a protection dog live together with children and elderly people?
    • Yes, a real protection dog.

  • How do I know if my dog is a real dog of protection?
    • FDK9 performs an evaluation in our facilities.

  • How can I purchase a real protection dog?
    • Consult with the experts from FDK9 for orientation.

  • Can I train my dog for protection in any establishment?
    • No, protection dog training is one of the most complicated and specialized training. Not all retailers are qualified to train your dog in a safe and professional environment, or have experience in the field as FDK9.

  • Can I bring my dog to train although I did not buy it of you?
    • Yes, if it has the necessary aptitudes for a protection dog.

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The safety of your family is priceless and your property is of great value, Protect yourself!