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Behavior Problems


Canine Training

To modify and/or channel genetic habits of a dog, inherited from its racial origin, for the use and enjoynment of the human being.




We recommend the use of a kennel for:

♦ Training   ♦ Safety   ♦ Transportation


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If your dog does any or all of these:

  • Jump on everyone
  • Holes in the yard
  • Destroys the garden
  • Chewing on the furniture
  • Broken mattresses and cushions
  • Gets on the table and steals your food
  • Gets out whenever you open the door or gate
  • Ignores you when called
  • Dog and people aggression


Consult with the experts at FDK-9 to change your dog into a great obedient pet.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Individualized Training
  • We train at Your House or Business