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Adults Available

We import dogs from Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, Holand, France, Belgium and other European Countries.

Available Breeds: German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Malinois X (shepnois) and others.

Dogs from 12 months and up

We ship worldwide

Family Protection Dogs: Basic and/or advanced obedience. Basic Agility exercises. These dogs have been trained in high stressful situations such as loud verbal belligerent confrontations with individuals carrying different types of weapons. Already performing different protection exercises. Handling Course included.

Randol D’ Rojo Teddy D'Rojo

Service Dogs

Labrador Carmelo Labrador Carmelo

Commercial Guard Dogs



If you are interested in purchasing a personal protection dog, commercial guard dog, service dog or family protection dog and you have a Facebook account, please visit our page Family Dog K9, or please give us a call or e- mail us to discuss what we currently have available.