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Sport vs Protection

 Tess deporte


           Throughout the years besides company and shows, dogs have also being used for sport. With routines that include obedience, agility and protection excercises, among others. These dogs can perform in a ring but are not usually the best choice for protection training. They don't have the nerves and skills necessary for this type of training; because these dogs perceive bite exercises as a game and do not possess the temperament to bite under stress in real situations. Some of the most recognized sport routines include the following:


German show bloodline - this type of German Shepperd, beautiful, with top colors like black and red, black and sand with weak ears, fine structure, can present bone problems. It is very difficult to find one who possesses the nerves and the character to be a family protection dog. Usually these do not have the temperament to be a personal protection dog.

Schutzhund - This type of sport is the most widely used in USA and Europe, where the dog is subject to a high level obedience with an extensive routine using bite exercises as a game. This type of dog, mostly has no protection instinct, or the nerves a real protection dog needs to deal with high psychological pressure situations.

French ring - Within French Ring with their complicated routines of obedience and agility, at high levels: II and III, you can find dogs with good nerves for protection, due to the opposition that the decoy produces before biting in each of the exercises, it makes possible to find dogs with good tolerance to physical and psychological pressure.

KNPV and NBVK - 98% of the dogs worked in these routines can be used for protection and defense work, because their routines are very similar to real life situations and these dogs possess strong nerves, excellent aptitudes to learn and protect under high stress, maintaining a good balance.


A real protection dog requires solid nerves, learning aptitudes and the qualities to be a good companion dog.  In FDK9 we have deloped our own line of real protecion and defense dogs, D'Rojo.  Our long list of satisfied costumers testifies to the high quality of our dogs.




 “D’Rojo” certification is exclusive from Family Dog K9. No person is authorized to use that name to market themselves, advertise a product or service, let alone selling a dog or puppy, without the prior written consent of Family Dog K9 and his owner Josue Colon. We want to clarify that “D’Rojo” is a warrantee that ensures each puppies capabilities for certain tasks. That is, “D’Rojo” certification may be for family protection dog, business protection, police work, among others, which are all fully different from each other and may even be incompatible and is not limited to a specific race.

As an example, a “D’Rojo” dog for business protection is not recommended for family protection. It can even be dangerous. (For that purpose we also have dog certified as “D’Rojo” for Family Protection).
Advertising a dog as “D’Rojo” without proper certification of Family Dog K9 is not only wrong and fraudulent, but can be extremely dangerous for the buyer if the animal intended for an inappropriate task. Family Dog K9 and its owner Josue Colon are not responsible for the actions and / or representations that can perform these unauthorized third parties.

Unlike fraudsters, Family Dog K9 contract comes with a warranty and with as “D’Rojo” certification with in the sale of each puppy. However, these warranties are not transferable with the subsequent sale of the animal.

On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that each litter can produce puppies with different temperaments; each suitable for different task. Accordingly, an exemplary “D’Rojo” breeding is not automatically “D’Rojo”; this has to be certified by Family Dog K9 to carry their certification to the classification according to their character and personality, even if it qualifies for any of them.