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Service Dogs

What is a service dog?

Service dogs are animals trained to assist a person with a disability, physical or mental. They live 24 hours with people who need them and perform specific tasks work.

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Can I use my own dog?

Josue servicio Not all dogs can become service dogs. Service dogs to have certain traits to be able to work in public on a daily basis with theirs handler. They have to have a great temperament, they cannot show any aggression and they have the ability to do the task work that their handler needs to help with their disability. Only about 10% of the dogs we test for service dog work, actually pass the testing and complete the work to become a service dog.

Psychiatric Disabilities :

  • PTSD
  • Panic Desorder
  • Depression
  • Rape victim
  • Others
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How can help a service dog for a child with autism.

    Josue servicio
  • Access to different security environments. This could help them be more independent and also help with the transitions, which can be difficult for children with autism. They can provide support and a calming influence for the child in highly stressful situations and situations and changes in routine. changes in routine.

  • The dog can help improve socialization skills. and give the child a feeling of constant security in their daily lives.

  • The dog may be attached to your child in public places to prevent the child from wandering away. Some children with autism are prone to do. This should be done only if the parent or driver has control of the dog.

  • The dog acts as a constant companion, offering unconditional love and friendship. A dog can provide independence, allowing the child to walk holding her dog instead of the hand of a parent.

  • The dog can be used during therapy with the child to help increase the production of language, fine motor, gross motor skills and can be a great source of sensory information.

  • You can have the potential to improve the communication skills of children and their behavior. It can calm the child, reduce emotional outbursts and serve as a positive social link for the child at school, home and community.

  • You can enrich the quality of life and increase the independence of families and children with autism, that can accompany the child at all times.

  • The dog can track and search for the child if it escapes (if the child is not attached). This causes a lot of fear in parents of autistic children that their children can get lost in the school or public places

  • How large dog side effects can really help the child to focus on academic and social tasks.

Medical alert dogs:

  • Diabetic
  • Epilepsy or seizure
  • Asthma attack
  • Others

Down Symdome                 Mobility assistance dog

Therapy Dogs :

 “D’Rojo” certification is exclusive from Family Dog K9. No person is authorized to use that name to market themselves, advertise a product or service, let alone selling a dog or puppy, without the prior written consent of Family Dog K9 and his owner Josue Colon. We want to clarify that “D’Rojo” is a warrantee that ensures each puppies capabilities for certain tasks. That is, “D’Rojo” certification may be for family protection dog, business protection, police work, among others, which are all fully different from each other and may even be incompatible and is not limited to a specific race.

As an example, a “D’Rojo” dog for business protection is not recommended for family protection. It can even be dangerous. (For that purpose we also have dog certified as “D’Rojo” for Family Protection).
Advertising a dog as “D’Rojo” without proper certification of Family Dog K9 is not only wrong and fraudulent, but can be extremely dangerous for the buyer if the animal intended for an inappropriate task. Family Dog K9 and its owner Josue Colon are not responsible for the actions and / or representations that can perform these unauthorized third parties.

Unlike fraudsters, Family Dog K9 contract comes with a warranty and with as “D’Rojo” certification with in the sale of each puppy. However, these warranties are not transferable with the subsequent sale of the animal.

On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that each litter can produce puppies with different temperaments; each suitable for different task. Accordingly, an exemplary “D’Rojo” breeding is not automatically “D’Rojo”; this has to be certified by Family Dog K9 to carry their certification to the classification according to their character and personality, even if it qualifies for any of them.