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Frequent Questions

Q. How long is the training?
R. Basic Obedience Training takes about 8 to twelve weeks, Protection and Defense courses take approximately 3 to 5 months. Competitive levels take longer depending on the desired level.
Q. How many levels are there?
R. All trainings have basic, advanced and competitive levels.
Q. Where are the classes given?
R. At our facilities, we also offer the option of training at your house or business.
Q. Does my dog have to stay at the school?
R. We offer the option of boarding and training, in which your dog will be trained faster, takes about three weeks. You can also bring the dog the days it has classes.
Q. How many classes will my dog take per week?
R. Two, you can choose between Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For the ones who are a bit crunched with time, the dog can take two classes the same day on Saturdays.
Q. How long is a class?
R. They are from fifteen minutes to a half an hour long, depending on the dog’s age and the part of training in which we’re at.
Q. Can I be present during my dog’s class?
R. Our clients are more than welcome to observe while we are training.
Q. Do I have to be present during training?
R. It is not necessary during the first part.  You can leave your dog and come pick it up later during our hours of operation.
Q. How am I going to be able to handle my dog?
R. Handling classes are included in all our courses.
Q. Do you offer any group classes?
R. Each dog has its own behavior traits; therefore, all our courses are individualized.
Q. What do I have to do to enroll my dog in your school?
R. Bring it for a free evaluation and we will orientate you.
Q. What is a good age to start training?
R. Obedience, from two months of age, pups have better aptitude for learning, because they have not developed habits. For protection and defense from 10 months forward.
Q. Until what age can a dog be trained?
R. Age doesn’t determine if a dog can be trained, it depends on the result of the evaluation we perform.
Q. Which dog breeds are trainable?
R. All breeds are, including mixed.
P. Are dogs abused during training?
R. We don’t perform any type of abuse during training.

 “D’Rojo” certification is exclusive from Family Dog K9. No person is authorized to use that name to market themselves, advertise a product or service, let alone selling a dog or puppy, without the prior written consent of Family Dog K9 and his owner Josue Colon. We want to clarify that “D’Rojo” is a warrantee that ensures each puppies capabilities for certain tasks. That is, “D’Rojo” certification may be for family protection dog, business protection, police work, among others, which are all fully different from each other and may even be incompatible and is not limited to a specific race.

As an example, a “D’Rojo” dog for business protection is not recommended for family protection. It can even be dangerous. (For that purpose we also have dog certified as “D’Rojo” for Family Protection).
Advertising a dog as “D’Rojo” without proper certification of Family Dog K9 is not only wrong and fraudulent, but can be extremely dangerous for the buyer if the animal intended for an inappropriate task. Family Dog K9 and its owner Josue Colon are not responsible for the actions and / or representations that can perform these unauthorized third parties.

Unlike fraudsters, Family Dog K9 contract comes with a warranty and with as “D’Rojo” certification with in the sale of each puppy. However, these warranties are not transferable with the subsequent sale of the animal.

On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that each litter can produce puppies with different temperaments; each suitable for different task. Accordingly, an exemplary “D’Rojo” breeding is not automatically “D’Rojo”; this has to be certified by Family Dog K9 to carry their certification to the classification according to their character and personality, even if it qualifies for any of them.